Georgie Vozar in her studio with mentor and father George Vozar.

Based in Hobart Tasmania, George and Georgie Vozar are designers and makers of ceramics. Each piece is hand made and unique, inspired by their Hungarian heritage.

Growing up above her father’s ceramic studio in the tropical Blackall Range, Georgie naturally absorbed an interest in pottery from a young age. But having moved to Tasmania in 2012, Georgie found the change in environment stimulating, inspiring her to study under the tutelage of her father, George Vozar.

Some time later, Georgie and George collaborated to create an earthenware range. This was their first project together, and starting small, they focused on tableware, and as interest grew and their production increased, George and Georgie’s designs and range has expanded.

Georgie and George individually throw each piece on the pottery wheel from their studio in Richmond. They use completely organic terracotta earthenware clay, sourced straight from the earth in South Australia. The clay is fired at a high temperature, vitrifying the earthenware, resulting in a stronger and more durable piece suitable for dishwashers and commercial kitchen use.

George and Georgie hand-paint all of their pieces, carefully selecting glazes to suit each item. The GV Pottery range is durable and functional, thoughtfully designed to compliment good food and lifestyle by enhancing the eating experience.